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Brad Pitt and Atheism

Brad Pitt was raised as a Southern Baptist, but apparently, his faith didn’t stick.

The 45-year-old actor doesn’t believe in God, he told
“No, no, no!,” he declared, when asked if he believes in a higher power, or if he was spiritual. “I’m probably 20 percent atheist and 80 percent agnostic. I don’t think anyone really knows. You’ll either find out or not when you get there, until then there’s no point thinking about it.”

This isn’t a surprise anymore since his wife, Angelina Jolie has been an open atheist for many years now. It’s delightful to witness more international celebrities coming out of the atheist/agnostic closet.


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August Meetup Schedule

Place: Shangrila Starbucks (near cinemas)

Time: 1-4PM


  1. FF Forum 3
  2. FF Film Festival
  3. Informal club organization
  4. Relevant issues and current events
  5. New member introductions


  1. August 2, 2009
  2. August 16, 2009
  3. August 30, 2009

If you’re interested you can sign-up through our mailing list poll.

If you want to attend but can’t because of the schedule or venue, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Thanks a lot!

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Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is an Atheist

As reported in The Telegraph, Radcliffe not only identified himself as an ATHEIST in this interview but expressed his respect for Richard Dawkins.

Another addition to the the long list of international celebrity atheist, alongside Jodie Foster, Jack Nicholson, Angelina Jolie, and many more.
check out:

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