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Understanding Newton: FF Bowling and Billiards


  • Understanding Newton: Bowling and Billiards
  • Sunday, May 31, 1-4PM
  • AMF-Puyat Coronado Lanes, 4/F Edsa Starmall (accessible from Shangri-la mall via MRT station bridgeway)
  • P70+/game, P25/shoe rental. They have packages that’ll get us cheaper games, but there’ll have to be at least 12 of us to get it. And they have better deals for when there’s more people. Since at that time we’ll have the place to ourselves (few customers), we can just meet there at 1PM and figure out the best deal.
  • You don’t have to play. You can just come to chat or eat (there’s a Magoo’s Pizza inside).

See you on Sunday!

P.S. On Meetups
Starting next Sunday (June 7), we’ll have our meetups regularly at Starbucks, Shangri-la (6th floor, near the cinemas). By Saturday the agenda for the meetup and the estimated headcount will be posted on the website, so you’ll know what to expect if you come. At the very least you can expect that I’ll be there and we can talk about anything. (Unless of course there’s another activity scheduled, like this Sunday.)

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New Website Next Week

Our website has been quiet lately. But that’s going to change. Starting next week, we’re updating the site every day. And if on a certain day there is no new content, we’ll know who to blame. Meet the editors of the soon to be updated

Monday — FF News, Plans, and Weekly Roundup — Red
Tuesday — Humor and other Fun Stuff — Tania
Wednesday — Human Interest Stories, Inspiration, Advice — Wesley
Thursday — Religion — Danny
Friday — Science — Mike
Saturday — Book and Movie Reviews — Igme
Sunday — Freethought Art — Gerald

Their job is to post at least one article for their categories on the days above each week. So if you have something you’d like to contribute, please send them to the right category editor. If the piece is timely, such as something news-related, your piece will likely be published immediately. Otherwise it will be put on a queue to ensure that there will always be new content each week. Of course, short posts with a similar theme can be posted as one long article, in the same way that longer essays can be posted as several shorter ones. It’s all up to the editor.

This week the editors will be busy compiling stuff they can publish, so let’s all give them a hand. And we’ll also be redesigning the site in anticipation of all the new content. If you have ideas for the new site, and more importantly, stuff you’d like to publish online, please let the editors know. Thanks in advance for your support, and stay tuned for updates and for our updated site next week.

EDIT: Here’s where you can email your articles:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

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Our Website Wins an Award

Another in the better-late-than-never series,
won the Filipino Blog of the Week Award (week 152) from the Composed Gentleman.


To our loyal readers (both of you), sorry for not updating as often. We’re working on ways to get more content to you soon. And thanks to the Composed Gentleman and to all those who voted for us!

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Understanding Darwin Pics

Here are some photos from Understanding Darwin, Cafe Scientifique’s event last month. Better late than never 😉

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