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Know Their Stand: JV Ejercito Estrada, Senatorial Candidate

7eabaf18dbd87642147f26b312cc8da4Elections are coming. If you are a voter, you should know who you are voting for and where they stand, especially when it comes to issues of secularism. Here are senatorial candidate JV Ejercito Estradas responses on nine important issues, based on GMA News’ Mga Isyu ng Bayan.


Reproductive Health – AGAINST

“To be honest, hating-hati ako riyan… but I’m quite close to the clergy because I was educated in a Jesuit institution. My mother is a devout Catholic. When I felt that the RH bill was going to pass anyway because the President has given orders to certify it, so at least to soften the impact, I voted no. I valued my nanay and the institutions and doctrines I grew up with.”



“I don’t think the law included possible alternative livelihood for tobacco farmers. Of course, I pity those people.”


Cybercrime – FOR

“I think there are some abuses also being committed in cyberspace like pornography at ‘yung mga paninira that are very unfair. The cybercrime law passed at the House did not include the controversial provisions. Right now, I am for amendment.”


Freedom of Information – FOR

“I am an author so I am obliged to support.”


Anti-Political Dynasty – NO STAND

“It’s also in our Constitution that equal opportunity should be given to everybody.”


Divorce – NO STAND

“That has to be studied further since it is another controversial measure. I think it will polarize our people.”


Death Penalty – NO STAND

“Yung recent crime wave is a blackeye on the administration. Whatever economic gains we have will go to waste if the peace and order situation is not improved. If it really does not improve, baka it is worth considering.”


Same-Sex Marriage – AGAINST

“We are still a Catholic nation. If we look at the Bible, the marriage of two persons is always man and woman. It’s always been Adam and Eve. Wala namang Adan at Adan. Wala ring Eba at Eba.”


Total Gun – NO STAND

“First order of the day is to recover first the 500,000 loose firearms. Majority of those involved in heinous crimes are loose firearms. If the PNP is able to address the loose firearms situation and the peace and order situation does not improve, then we can talk about a total gun ban.”




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