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Know Their Stand: Gringo Honasan, Senatorial Candidate

gringohonasanElections are coming. If you are a voter, you should know who you are voting for and where they stand, especially when it comes to issues of secularism. Here are senatorial candidate Gringo Honasans responses on nine important issues, based on GMA News’ Mga Isyu ng Bayan.


Reproductive Health – AGAINST

“Because you do not combine the variables that are included in reproductive health, responsible parenthood, and population management. We cannot even feed our children between the ages of 0 to 5 properly. Here we are taking on more than we can swallow or chew so I think my reason for voting against is at the right time, with the proper circumstances I would support separatelt or together a more responsive reproductive health bill, population management bill, responsible parenthood bill because any decision we make as we have already made a decision will impact on the future generations of Filipinos not next year or next month, not even within the next 10 years but decades from now. China is realizing that, Hong Kong has realized that, Singapore has realized that and they have been proactive about this. Who are we to be less than how they are responding to this?”



“Because there are more variables that we can manage or hope to manage even considering the avowed public health objectives. What about not the health, the lives of the displaced tobacco farmers and growers? What about the displacement in our local tobacco industry? What about the possible impact on peace and order if smuggling syndicates begin to be active again it will be the problem of our law enforcement agents and considering the very porous, very physical, political and policy boundaries — I don’t know if we can manage this.”


Cybercrime – FOR

“Natindihan ko naman kung ikulong mo yung mga nag-lalibel although during our last meeting when we were discussing not only the FOI but yung right to reply. We talked about decriminalizing libel not only for journalists but for the citizenry. Npt even the President and the collective judgment of Congress and the Senate is infallible, I’m glad that the people raised this issue through 20 petitions and the Supreme Court, the highest tribunal in the land, has made a decision. Now it’s up for oral arguments, some senators are poised for corrective amendments. I’m happy that this is taking place.”


Freedom of Information – FOR

“Transparency, daang matuwid, convergence. We are bringing government back to the people. Kaya nga POGI bill kami dahil People’s Ownership of Government Information, government including all the information with certain temporary exceptions, for the people, by the people, and of the people.”


Political Dynasty – AGAINST

“This was certified as urgent under the president of former President Ramos. I don’t know why it did not take off. In the absence of an enabling law, I will go back to the ultimate collective wisdom and judgment of the Filipino people. With or without a political dynasty law, an enabling law, although it is in principle part of the Constitution let the people decide, let those who are members or non-members of perceived political dynasties face the people, the electorate, this coming May and let them accept the judgment.”


Divorce – AGAINST

“To me, the Filipino family and the institution of marriage are sacred to me. Any intervention in that regard to me is not only immoral but criminal, I don’t know if the time will come. I hope I’m dead at the time that we can look at this more liberally, but until other institutions are repaired, damaged institutions and there are many of them, are repaired and made stronger, I think we have to be more imaginative and creative about our approach to long-term policy making.”


Death Penalty – AGAINST

“It’s not the penalty that will deter the crime. It is the swiftness and the certainty and efficiency of the justice system, not the penalty. In more developed countries they are killing each other by the hundreds and thousands as part of their justice system. China, ‘di ba, they execute people by the dozens everyday? China still has the same drug problem.”


Same-Sex Marriage – NO STAND

“Are we ready for that? Let’s provoke a national debate para we can settle down on even a short or medium policy direction… I reserve all doubts in favor of caution and prudence for policy purposes. I am not ready to vote on a same sex marriage bill.”


Total Gun Ban – AGAINST

“Why don’t we penalize the one percent who do not follow the law, engage in criminal activities using unregistered or unlicenses firearms? Why do we penalize the 99 percent because of he actions and doings of the one percent? We had a hearing two weeks ago, police, customs, DTI, DOJ, and licensed gun distributors to come up with a consolidated information that we will use to make or to make a committee report to the plenary for a more comprehensive proactive long-term firearms regulation law.So total gun ban what about the president of the Philippines, what about members of legitimate gun clubs, what about gun collectors? What about members of shooting teams? What about judges and fiscals and public officials and members of media who are receiving death threats for breakfast, what about them? Yung gunless society, they said they’re not for the total gun ban so it means the policy environment all we need is the information backup is starting to be more liberal, more open-minded. hindi na katulad nung dati basta ayaw namin. Tell us your argument para your committee can consolidate and report preparatory to a more responsive long-term firearms regulation law. I’ve been the one performing duties and I’ve been on the receiving end also.”




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