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FFF2: Freethinkers in an Unfree World

Here are the videos (playlist) and much anticipated group picture of the Filipino Freethinkers Forum 2 (FFF2) held last Saturday:


Thanks to:

  • Tin and Tania — Fantastic Free Food
  • Igme — Competent Cameraman with Incompetent Tripod
  • Teddy — Free Books. Farewell! We’ll miss you! (Teddy’s going to Australia.)
  • Team Irate and Team Agent — for being good sports. Rematch?
  • Thysz — for inspiring the team names
  • Ateneo — for the nice, cool venue.
  • And to all the participants (in body and in spirit). See you on the next one!

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Maps and Directions to FFF2 Venue

Ateneo Map
Katipunan Map (Ateneo is on the middle-right)

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FFF2 Registration Extended

So far we have:

  • 41 Registered Participants
  • 16 Maybes
  • 57 Potential Participants

This exceeds our initial plan to have no more than 50 participants. But when we visited Ateneo, we found out that the venue can hold up to 100 people!

But for comfort, we’re capping registration at 80, so there are still 39 seats left, not counting the Maybes. Walk-ins are welcome. But if you’d like to reserve a seat and some food you can still do so by registering here.

I’ll be posting a map here soon. See you on Saturday!

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Registration for Filipino Freethinkers Forum 2

Where: a conference room in Ateneo (Katipunan) (ISO building near Xavier and Bellarmine bldg.)
When: 2-6PM – Saturday, March 28, 2009
What: Filipino Freethinkers Forum 2

“Practical Freethinking: Freethinkers in an Unfree World”
The problems freethinkers face in Filipino society and
the alternative solutions to cope or deal with it

Free admission
Free food

Anyone willing to discuss issues relevant to the theme within the framework of freethinking (reason, evidence, free inquiry).

Seats are limited so reserve your slot now! Deadline of reservations is this Sunday (March 22), 12 MN.
To reserve, please visit:

Or fill up the following form and email them to me at [email protected] :

*TELEPHONE: (Preferably cellphone, for texting purposes)

For questions, comments, or suggestions, email me at the address above.

Thank you, and reserve your seats soon!

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