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FF Forum on Reason, Science, and Secularism a Success

In an effort to further the causes of reason, science, and secularism (RSS) in the public sphere, and to celebrate the group’s progress over the course of three years, the Filipino Freethinkers (FF) successfully held its third official forum last April 1 at the UP Ayalaland-Technohub.

Attendees were greeted by an exhibit featuring props and materials used in our many events and demonstrations, including the “coming out” closet used during the 29 Steps for LGBT Rights event, the cardboard SUVs worn by the “bishops” during the Bantay Bishop demonstration, and several of our most memorable placards for various RH rallies and the LGBT Pride March.

Attendees were also handed a copy of From Flickers to Flames: Blazing the trail for reason, science, and secularism in the Philippines, a mini-anthology featuring some of the best articles from our official website.

Opening the program was our beloved UP Diliman Senior Faculty Advisor Dr. Sylvia Claudio.

President Red Tani then kicked the presentations off with a primer on freethought.

This was followed by Affiliations Director Garrick Bercero’s presentation on our growing number of school and provincial chapters.

Online Director Jeiel Aranal expounded on our command of the Internet and social media.

RH Advocacy Director Kenneth Keng narrated our story in the fight for both Reproductive Health and Freedom of Expression. He also acknowledged the presence of several of our allies from the Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHAN), including Elizabeth Angsioco and Dr. Junice Melgar.

The audience was then treated to an awesome intermission by Silly People’s Improv Theater, or SPIT.

The forum continued with LGBT Advocacy Director Beatriz Torre’s presentation on our burgeoning alliance with the LGBT community.

Science Advocacy Director Pecier Decierdo spoke about our passion for and efforts towards science literacy. He also lent the floor to Mind Museum Director Maribel Garcia so she could share a few heartening words.

Publications Director Marguerite de Leon highlighted our website’s most influential and infamous articles.

To round up the series of presentations, Secularism Director Pepe Bawagan gave our State of Secularism Address, arguably the most popular presentation that day.

The floor was then opened for questions and comments, and regular and new members alike brought up many interesting topics, from establishing programs for secular parenting, to people who wave around their PhDs to buttress bigoted beliefs.

To cap off the event, Pepe Bawagan presented the winners of four very special awards.

The Reason Award went to professor and columnist Raul Pangalangan.

The Science Award went to astrophysicist Reinabelle Reyes.

And the Secularism Award went to RH champion Senator Pia Cayetano.

Last but certainly not the least, the Bigot of the Year Award went to Senator Tito Sotto. The first three awardees will have Php10,000 donated in their name to the charity of their choice, while Sen. Sotto’s Php10,000 will be donated in his name to RHAN, an organization whose cause he is directly opposed to.

Upon the forum’s conclusion, attendees milled around the exhibit area, chatting and taking photos with the props and placards.

Overall, we felt that the event was a great success, and we are thrilled and humbled by all the people who decided to come over and spend a sunny Sunday afternoon with us immersed in reason, science, and secularism. ‘Til the next forum!

Images c/o Chris Sienna, Igmidio Galingan, Bhavan Karnani, and Dustin Celestino

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EPIC Meetup Recap: The One with Karen Ocampo Flores, Mideo Cruz, and Carlitos Siguion-Reyna

EPIC Meetup Recap: The One with Karen Ocampo Flores, Mideo Cruz, and Carlitos Siguion-Reyna


The man on the left is visual artist Mideo Cruz, he of the hotly contested Poleteismo, and to his right is FF President Red Tani, he of the hipster glasses obviously stolen from the other dude. This photo was taken during the very epic FF meetup held last Saturday, wherein all three hours were consumed discussing the hoopla surrounding Cruz’s work, how people have been reacting to it, and what should be done to progress properly in light of the issue.


The mere mention of the CCP debacle on our meetup invite apparently piqued a lot of people’s interest. The entire second floor of Starbucks Ansons was packed. There were roughly 50 people in attendance, and the crowd was a great mix of regulars, newbies, and oldies back from the dead. Nowhere did we announce that Mideo and other folks involved more intimately in the issue would be present, so it was very heartening to see so many faces there purely out of the desire for discourse.


Nevertheless, we were extremely honored that several persons key to the issue were there to share their thoughts. As mentioned, the artist himself was there, and he disclosed to us the extent of the hateful threats he has received since the whole controversy began, as well as his insights into art-making and putting his pieces out for public consumption. Fortunately, he was quite adamant in standing by Poleteismo. 


Also present was Karen Ocampo Flores, the former Museum and Visual Arts Director of the CCP who resigned from her post due to this whole debacle (and whose reaction to the Dakdakan forum can be read here). A very important point she raised during the meetup was the media’s accountability in the issue. She said that the media’s oversimplification and sensationalism were quite detrimental to the whole debate, and drove home the point that Filipinos need to be better educated on the value of art and art appreciation in order for them to think for themselves.


Another very special surprise that day was the presence of renowned film director Carlitos Siguion-Reyna. Carlitos is currently working on a project greatly significant to the entire Poleteismo issue — the passage of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB)/Freedom of Expression Bill (you can join the FB group here), which aims to pry the Philippines away from the Dark Ages and better classify which films have true value and are fit for public consumption, and which films do not.


Working with Carlitos on the bill’s passage is Dino Manrique, who was also present. A familiar face in the local literary scene, Dino shared his thoughts on educating the masses regarding art, and how art critics could have had a more public voice in the matter to lend everyone a richer perspective.


Most of the meetup was thus a very engaging discussion on how art ought to be digested. Should artists be obligated to explain their work? To what extent are people responsible for informing themselves regarding the arts?  Suffice it to say that the topic was very refreshing and made for passionate discussion.

Again, we were thrilled that so many people took it upon themselves to come and participate in our latest meetup. We’d like to think that is a taste of things to come. Since the very first meetup in February 2009, the FF meetups have been venues for richer and richer discussions amongst an increasingly diverse group of people, and we look forward to seeing more of you in the next one.

Photos courtesy of Patrick Charles Rigonan 

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Kissing and Coming (Out of the Closet) with the Filipino Freethinkers

Kissing and Coming (Out of the Closet) with the Filipino Freethinkers

Wait! What’s this? FF RH Advocacy Director Kenneth Keng and FF President Red Tani sharing a tender kiss? After all those months of putting up a front, claiming -4 on the Kinsey Scale and trying very hard not to pat each others’ asses, they’re ending up in a Public Display of Affection? How could this be? What environment could have led them to shed their fears and just admit to their raw, pulsing brahmance?

Answer: The 29 Steps for LGBT Human Rights festival, which was held last July 2 at the Quezon Memorial Circle’s People’s Hall. Presented by the Lesbian Activism Project (LeAP!) and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the event aimed to promote awareness of the Yogyakarta Principles—a set of principles on the application of international human rights laws on sexual orientation and gender identity issues.

There were film showings, musical performances, and several booths manned by pro-LGBT organizations, the Freethinkers included.

There was international human rights group Amnesty International Philippines, which recently voiced its support for the RH Bill

…the AIDS Society of the Philippines…

…STRAP, the fabulous Society of Transexual Women of the Philippines, and many other groups out to advocate gender equality and a prejudice-free society.

FF wanted a particularly interactive booth, and came up with the “Come Out for a Kiss or a Kiss” concept.

The idea was fairly simple: come out of a literal closet as absolutely anything you desire–gay, lesbian, straight, transgender, Belieber, atheist, hipster, human–and after being cheered on and getting your picture taken with your Coming Out Certificate, you have the choice between a chocolate kiss, or a kiss from one of the Freethinkers.

For instance, cheery Ging and Chris came out as Trans-Men…

…and got to kiss FF’s LGBT Advocacy Director Beatriz Torre!

Transgender beauty Magdalena came out as a Gender Non-Conformist…

…and got to kiss Kenneth. (As it turned out, Kenneth was a particularly popular choice, and would receive quite a few more kisses as the day went on.)

There were several participants who came out in pairs, like lovely lesbian couple Jam and Joey…

…bewitching singer Tao Aves and her partner AK, who came out as Mrs. Tao…

…and super-sexy sisters James and Angel from STRAP, who came out as Transexual Dyosas.

It was also great to have many participants from Deaf Rainbow Philippines (DRP), such as DRP’s President Bibo, who came out as a Beauty Queen…

…and Cutz, who came out as an Adventurer.

Suffice it to say that lot of people got very creative with their certificates. Aldrin, for instance, came out as a Freesexual.

While JM came out as Fabulous, Teng went for specificity and came out as an Ali-Top-Top!

Cy came out as a Bear Lover (as opposed to, say, an Otter or Twink Lover)…

…while Reighben came out as a Bottom Lover! The booth, it seemed, served an excellent secondary purpose as a Want Ad.

Not to be outdone, Pepe came out as a Delicious Treat to the crowd’s libidinous screeching.

Jack was very particular about his spelling of “Duqueza.”

UP Psych Prof Eric did away with the lengthy psych jargon and came out as a Gay Nerd.

Lia came out as a Gold-Star Lezzie, which she explained was a lesbian who has never had sex with a man. You learn something new everyday!

Jeiel came out as a Hipstersexual, which we can only assume entails obscure sexual acts in underground bunkers to the strains of a shoegaze band.

Babs came out as Human. ‘Nuff said.

Taking a break from sucking face with strangers, Kenneth came out as a Token Christian.

Sexy Lexi from all-girl rock group General Luna went for simplicity and came out as Bi-Sexual…

…as opposed to Ena Terol, the event’s official photographer, who went by the name Optimus Prime and came out as a Lezbatron.

The event’s co-host and singer Maegan Aguilar professed to being Bilingual in Sex…

…while Elmo fetishist MJ came out as Queer.

However, there was one particular “out-ing,” so to speak, that led these boys to show their unbridled enthusiasm. What, pray tell, could have made these boys so motherfreaking happy?

This, of course!

STRAP Founder Sass and her friend Santy came out as Lipstick Lesbians…and how! If that’s not coming out, I don’t know what is.

The moment was such fun, in fact, that Santy decided to go for a second round. This time she came out as a Nudist and, well, we don’t blame her.

All those sexy silhouettes aside, both the 29 Steps for LGBT Human Rights festival and our Coming Out booth were a definite success. It was very awesome to see everyone taking great pride in who they were, blind to their differences and working together for a Philippines free of bigotry. It was a great way to spend a Saturday.

I’ll leave you now with a chance photograph of the G-mik Barkada circa 2011. The Pajero in the background was paid for legally.

Did you come out of our booth and have your picture taken? Check out our FB photo album for your special shot! 

(Thanks to Garrick Bercero for the photos!)

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Forum: The Struggle for LGBT Equality in the U.S. – 27 May 2011

Forum: The Struggle for LGBT Equality in the U.S. – 27 May 2011

LGBT forum - 27 May 2011The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines hosted a dinner forum with LGBT advocacy groups on The Struggle for LGBT Equality in the U.S. on Friday, May 27, 2011, at 7:00 p.m. in the Botero Dali Room, Sulo Riviera Hotel, Quezon City. The speaker for the event was Ms. Christine Sun, former senior counsel, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation.

Forum: The Struggle for LGBT Equality in the U.S. – 27 May 2011
Some of us from Filipino Freethinkers were there to attend and discuss LGBT rights issues with Babaylan and other LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) advocacy groups.

LGBT forum - 27 May 2011
Mike from the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy introduced our speaker for the evening, Ms. Christine Sun, who was a former senior counsel of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation. Topics of her speech included a brief timeline of LGBT rights in the U.S., its political progress and legal progress, current LGBT issues and ongoing challenges for the LGBT community. Then she answered some questions from the audience. The discussions were lively and passionate, as it included issues such as the suspected rash of hate crimes that are on the rise in Metro Manila.

LGBT forum - 27 May 2011Afterwards, during dinner, we got to talk more with our speaker and other LGBT advocates about the current issues in the country, and our plans of action. I got to meet a lot of great, passionate people.

One of us from FF got to interview Ms. Sun for a newspaper article.

LGBT forum - 27 May 2011

Here’s wishing all of us good luck in our endeavors.

Online resources:

[Reposted from The Entropy Blog]

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Tastebuds, Tsunamis, and the Thorough Twisting of Truth: A Recap of the Anti-RH Forum at SM Megamall (3 of 3 Parts)

Tastebuds, Tsunamis, and the Thorough Twisting of Truth: A Recap of the Anti-RH Forum at SM Megamall (3 of 3 Parts)

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series. Click here for Part 1, and here for Part 2.

For the sake of accuracy (and the chance to portray all of this as the off-Broadway play it might as well be), below are script-style excerpts of the exchange between members of the Filipino Freethinkers and anti-RH individuals at the forum’s Q&A segment. Most lines were lifted verbatim.

Atty. Montes has just concluded her segment of the lecture, wherein most of her arguments attacked provisions in the Bill that had already been nixed by the authors. The floor has been opened for questions, and first to approach is Red Tani, President of the Filipino Freethinkers.


Are you aware of the recent amendments that the authors of the Bill agreed to, like the ones that removed the provisions about employers needing to provide contraceptives for their employees — that’s one — and number two is the sex education component; they ordered it to make that optional?


Dr. Montes

Yeah. I’m aware of these, but I don’t know whether they were printed already in a new form. However, I said earlier, the assumptions and the intent of the Bill are so objectionable that any kind of modification is not acceptable. For example, the sex education. They made it high school na lang.



Ah, no. They made it optional. Totally optional.


Dr. Montes

Okay, totally optional. But we know that a lot of parents are so uninformed about this, they’d rather have their children attend these classes. The sex education is presented as though it’s good for their children, so the likelihood that they would send their children is high. For example, when they piloted it in Olongapo — I watched an interview with teachers and parents — I was so disheartened. I was very sad that parents — unknowingly — were singing high praises about the [classes]. They didn’t know what these things are teaching their children.


Dr. Montes passes the mic over to Atty. Montes.


Atty. Montes

I heard about the quote-unquote proposed amendments — I don’t know if they’ve actually been incorporated in the Bill itself or they’re just discussing it, so —



It’s as good as incorporated.


Dr. Montes (interjecting)

But see, that’s another problem.They’re making all these changes all the time, and we’re not so informed about them, about the status. But I know about them.



I have another question. A while ago, I heard you say that for families that do not want to have children, even permanently, they can use natural family planning (NFP).  I studied the official Catholic position on this. The official teaching of the Catholic Church is that you cannot use NFP if you plan never to have children at all.


Dr. Montes

Let’s say I’m a model, and you’re a whatever,  and we want to get married for companionship. I don’t want to destroy my figure, and I want you to be able to continue traveling abroad. Let’s get married but not have children? That’s not okay.



One last question: to the Catholics who are against the RH Bill for whatever reason, they can never change their mind, should they leave the Church, or not get communion, or what do you suggest these pro-RH Catholics who cannot change their mind, what should they do?


Dr. Montes

I’m going to say something. I hope I will not be misquoted. This is me saying it, it’s not official Church. When you’re a Catholic, you agree with a set of behaviors that’s presented to you. So what’s the point of being Catholic if you cannot agree to the set of beliefs, and the set of moral laws that the religion has presented to you? So it’s like a square circle when you’re saying a Catholic is pro-RH. It’s incompatible. It’s like water and oil. When you say that you repudiate the bishops, again that’s inconsistent. The bishops are the descendants of the disciples, the apostles of Christ.



So what do you suggest that they —


Dr. Montes

In psychology –I’m a psychologist as well as a medical doctor — we have to be consistent with our behavior, and our beliefs have to be unified for us to be a whole person and to be mentally healthy. So some people, when they learn something that is not consistent with their behavior, they should change their behavior. But some people cannot change their behavior. So, to remain whole and consistent, what do you do? You change your belief.


Atty. Montes

Some people have this tendency to think that “I can love God as a Catholic but I don’t have to agree with the Church.” The problem with this way of thinking is that the Church was founded by Christ. The Church was founded by God. The Church is an extension of Christ. The bishop, the Pope, they’re all Christ representatives, so it’s impossible to love God without obeying his representatives. I would advise [pro-RH Catholics] to have an open mind, to consider the possibility that the teachings of the Church on this matter may be true. Right now, the term “open-mindedness” has been batted about, then why not be open-minded about the possibility that the teachings of the Church may be true? And really study. Really study the teachings of the Church and if you study with an open mind, you’d see that there really is no conflict between faith and reason.


Kenneth Keng, FF’s RH Committee Head, gets his turn at the mic.



As pro-RH and anti-RH people, how do you propose that we might do to move the process along in Congress? Because I’ve been going to some of the sessions, and it seems that there is a lot of stalling going on. Because I would think that both pro-RH and anti, then, would appreciate having the process move forward and come to a vote. But it seems that there are certain congressmen who are interested in making sure that it does not come to a vote, at least in my layman’s perspective. I suppose, then, that the best way to really help solve this issue would be to go to Congress and let us have the vote.


Dr. Montes

My opinion is there should be no RH law. For me, this is a matter of no compromise. Let us not be naive. This is greater and far deadlier than most people think.

End of Part 3. Video footage of the event will be up soon.

Update: Below is our video recording of the anti RH Conference at Megamall (Part 3 of 3).

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Tastebuds, Tsunamis, and the Thorough Twisting of Truth: A Recap of the Anti-RH Forum at SM Megamall (2 of 3 Parts)

Tastebuds, Tsunamis, and the Thorough Twisting of Truth: A Recap of the Anti-RH Forum at SM Megamall (2 of 3 Parts)

This is Part 2 of a 3-part recap. Click here for Part 1.

The problem with Atty. Montes’s segment was that most of her arguments attacked provisions in the Bill that have already been nixed by the authors quite some time ago, such as the encouragement to have two children as the ideal family size; mandatory sex education; and requiring employers to provide RH services to their employees.

Atty. Montes also echoed her mother’s assertions that the Bill’s thrust for health is a mere cover-up for a population-curbing agenda.

The following are several verbatim quotes from this segment of the lecture:

  • “The Bill was drafted with the assumption that the growing population is a problem, and population growth must be stopped at all costs.”
  • “Clearly, the Bill will encourage and even pressure people to have only two children.”
  • “[Children] will also be taught to have a bias in favor of having smaller families…and this smacks of population control, which we saw would be detrimental to our country.”
  • “I guess most of us, as we were growing up, we would hear in our classes lessons about how fewer children would lead to fewer problems…there are drawings of a large family and they’re in the slums, and then a picture of a small family with two kids and they’re all eating properly at the table. And you can imagine the impact of that on me, for example. I grew up in a large family, and you can imagine the impact of that [kind of education] on a kid — being told that his or her parents are not in the position to give him the best in life because the parents decided to have many children.”
  • “[The Bill] violates fundamental freedoms — freedom of religion and freedom of speech.”
  • “Under this law, the powers of the state is channeled towards the promotion of contraception — which causes medical and social harm — instead of to the promotion of the common good.”

Dr. and Atty. Montes then opened the floor to the attendees, during which FF President Red Tani and FF RH Committee Head Kenneth Keng voiced a few concerns.

End of Part 2. Click here for Part 3. Up next: video footage of the event.

Update: Below is our video recording of the anti RH Conference at Megamall (Part 2 of 3).

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Tastebuds, Tsunamis, and the Thorough Twisting of Truth: A Recap of the Anti-RH Forum at SM Megamall (1 of 3 Parts)

Tastebuds, Tsunamis, and the Thorough Twisting of Truth: A Recap of the Anti-RH Forum at SM Megamall (1 of 3 Parts)

This post has been updated with a video of the forum

“If one of those Freedumbers go to the Chapel to disrupt the discussion, I will knock the senses out of them and wipe off the taste of their last meal out of their taste buds!”

The Pinoy Catholic, referring to the event Women Speak Out: The Medical and Legal Truths on the RH Bill

We weren’t sure if the Freedumbers showed up that day, much less if they were attacked by some dude with a knuckle ring on one hand and a super-absorbent sponge in the other, but it was still quite a show we witnessed at the lecture Women Speak Out: The Medical and Legal Truths on the RH Bill. Held last April 30 at the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord at SM Megamall, the lecture was sponsored by the Defensores Fidei Foundation, and featured mother-daughter team Dr. Lucille Montes and Atty. Cristina Montes as speakers.

The first half of the lecture was headed by Dr. Montes, who focused on what she purports to be the medical dangers of contraception, and the bill’s supposed synonymity with enforced population reduction. The key points she raised were as follows (text in quotation marks were transcribed verbatim):

  • “The main objective of the bill is to control the population…in the guise of promoting health.”
  • “Contraceptives remove the barriers of premarital and extramarital sex.”
  • Contraceptives will “destroy the Filipino value of life.”
  • Newspapers over-dramatize the number of abortions that occur in the country.
  • Contraceptives, which aren’t 100% foolproof, give people a false sense of security, and when these people end up getting pregnant, the next step they’ll end up taking is abortion.
  • “Separating sex from procreation develops in the person an anti-life mentality.”
  • Contraceptives lead to sex-on-demand, which in turn will lead to the abuse of women.
  • (while showing graphs displaying the population growth rates of various countries, including the Philippines, Italy, and Japan, wherein the majority of the Filipino population continued to be composed of very young children through the years, while the other countries’ demographics were more evenly spread age-wise) We are lucky to have far more young people than old people, because it means there are enough Filipinos of working age who can support those who cannot or can no longer work.
  • In Japan’s case, where the elderly outnumber the young, it would be possible for those who are pro-choice to actually subscribe to the idea of killing off these elderly should matters get too desperate, since being pro-choice apparently means being anti-life.
  • (while showing the population growth rates of Japan) “Ayokong isipin pero hindi ko ma-help i-connect yung disaster sa Japan doon sa facts na ang tagal-tagal na nilang nagaabortion at may policy on population control.” (I don’t want to think about it, but I can’t help connecting the disaster in Japan with the fact that the Japanese have long been purveyors of abortion and population control.)

Dr. Montes’s “tsunami = come-uppance” bit was very harrowing to hear. Another disconcerting part of her lecture was when she voiced her relief regarding the delay tactics against RH Bill-related proceedings at the Batasang Pambansa, which basically meant that she condoned certain government officials’ outright wasting of time and tax money for their own selfish interests. The “broken air-con” issue was also thrown in for extra crazy:

  • Thanks to the “vigilance of the pro-life people,” every time the RH Bill is about to be put to a vote in the Batasan, the pro-lifers go to the Batasan to protest, in effect delaying the said voting.
  • That time when the Bill’s sessions were delayed because the Batasan’s air-conditioning went kaput was actually a good thing.
  • The anti-RH will be holding another demonstration at Batasan on May 9, when the Bill’s sessions resume.

Then, to end her half of the lecture, Dr. Montes opted for scare tactics and played a short propaganda video by the American Life League that demonized birth control advocate Margaret Sanger–a surreal and unfounded attempt to link our RH Bill issue with racism and eugenics.

Up next was Dr. Montes’s daughter Atty. Cristina Montes, who focused this time on certain legal issues regarding the Bill.

End of Part 1. Click here for Part 2. Part 3 is up. as well as video footage of the event, will be up soon.

Update: Below is our video recording of the anti RH Conference at Megamall (Part 1 of 3).

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Your Face is an Ordinance: A Recap of FF’s Latest Weekend Extravaganza

Your Face is an Ordinance: A Recap of FF’s Latest Weekend Extravaganza

Keep Your Theology out of My Biology; Get Your Rosaries out of My Ovaries; ‘Ala Bang May Utak sa Council; and the crowd favorite, Your Face is an Ordinance

Last April 9, the Filipino Freethinkers (FF) helped kick some ideological ass at the second protest versus the infamous Ayala Alabang Barangay Ordinance 01. Our placards were a hit the second we walked up to the village’s Madrigal Gate, lending a good bit of snark to the morning’s events.

Keep Xerez out of my Cervix; Abstinence Ain’t Valid

The protest kicked off with a lot of chanting among villagers and non-villagers. It was a heartening mix of people–upper, middle, and lower class alike…

Jesus! Give Us Some Privacy; CBCP Checklist: Delay RH Bill, Oppress Women, Protect Child Molesters, Pass Ordinance

united in their stand against the barangay council’s blatant violation of church-state separation and their outright mangling of the truth regarding reproductive health.

Alliance Against Vaginas; Modern Dei Fascists

Kenneth, FF’s RH Bill Committee Head and a member of Silly People’s Improv Theater (SPIT), was especially happy that day…

Thespian titillation at its finest

…after having met Broadway star and outspoken RH ally Lea Salonga.

The ironically-named “Team Unity,” composed of the barangay council members responsible for the ordinance

Apart from the chanting, villagers also encouraged motorists to honk their disapproval of the ordinance…

Honk if You are with Us!

…which many motorists did!

The chanting was soon followed by a brief string of speeches from some pro-RH personalities, such as Jay Ignacio, whose footage of the anti-ordinance villagers’ meetings and the latest ordinance hearing have made the rounds online…

…former Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral…

…Lea Salonga…

…Peter Wallace, one of the most prominent foreign businessmen in the country…

…Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP) Chair Elizabeth Angsioco…

…and Dr. Guy Claudio, Director of the University of the Philippines’ Center for Women’s Studies, Senior Faculty Adviser of FF-UP Diliman; co-founder of the Likhaan Center for Women’s Health, prominent member of the Akbayan Party List…

Word up.

…and the person responsible for The Most Awesome Pic Evar.

The following day, FF banded together for its fortnightly meetup, which generated one of the liveliest discussions we’ve had in a while. This came as no surprise, however…

…thanks to the day’s main topics: Medication to Boost Your Morality, and Rights for Ugly People.

Kenneth is an Episcopalian, as evidenced by his shirt

Even Kenneth made sure to attend the meetup, despite the understandable aftershock of having met Kim/Eponine/Fantine/Jasmine/Mulan in the flesh.

In the end, whether rallying on the streets or engaging in discourse, the Freethinkers know how to make good use of the typical weekend–sans drugs and violence!

Although moments like this one can’t be avoided. Let’s call it an occupational hazard.

Photos courtesy of Garrick Bercero, Jeiel Aranal, and Patrick Charles Rigonan

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