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Sexual Health Saturday- Next Weekend

Should anyone feel like a bit of sexual enlightenment over the weekend without necessarily having to take their clothes off, our friends at Sex & Sensibilities and Mulat Pinoy are holding an educational forum at the Filipino Heritage Library next Saturday afternoon, July 7. Unlike other RH related forums sponsored by the Catholic Church and its lay organizations, this one is actually open to women!

Seems legit.  

Details below, or sign up on facebook at

“Do you really know what sexual health is, both physically and emotionally?

The phrase “sexual health” conjures up images of condoms, teen pregnancies, premarital sex, HIV/AIDS, and the raging debates in Philippine legislation. But does the picture have to be an alarming one? Do you know how sexual health can (and should) matter in your daily life?

“Sexual Health: Why Should You Care?” is a forum organized by Young Public Servants, Sex and Sensibilities and Mulat Pinoy. The forum seeks to focus on different aspects of sexual health, and to emphasize its importance not just to women, but young people, to men, to parents, to society as a whole.


The forum will have four segments:

“Teeny Baby Bump” will discuss not only the increase in occurrences in the Philippines, but also the ways in which educational institutions and government agencies respond to the issue.

Controversial issues like LGBT rights and PLHIV (People Living with HIV) concerns will be explored in “Stigma and Controversy.”

Most people think of sexual reproductive health as a woman’s domain and thus, only a woman’s concern. But as the male guests in the segment, “Are You Man Enough? Men and Sexual Health,” will tell you, sexual health is every bit a concern for men, too.

And finally, how do parents talk to their children about sex? Is the idea of sex education in schools really unpalatable? Listen to what families have to say in “Sex Ed: Why It Needs a Parent’s Guidance.”


For further inquiries, contact:

Ana Santos

Web: Sex and

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0917-8207277


Regina Layug Rosero


Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0917-8163500”

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