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Tastebuds, Tsunamis, and the Thorough Twisting of Truth: A Recap of the Anti-RH Forum at SM Megamall (2 of 3 Parts)

This is Part 2 of a 3-part recap. Click here for Part 1.

The problem with Atty. Montes’s segment was that most of her arguments attacked provisions in the Bill that have already been nixed by the authors quite some time ago, such as the encouragement to have two children as the ideal family size; mandatory sex education; and requiring employers to provide RH services to their employees.

Atty. Montes also echoed her mother’s assertions that the Bill’s thrust for health is a mere cover-up for a population-curbing agenda.

The following are several verbatim quotes from this segment of the lecture:

  • “The Bill was drafted with the assumption that the growing population is a problem, and population growth must be stopped at all costs.”
  • “Clearly, the Bill will encourage and even pressure people to have only two children.”
  • “[Children] will also be taught to have a bias in favor of having smaller families…and this smacks of population control, which we saw would be detrimental to our country.”
  • “I guess most of us, as we were growing up, we would hear in our classes lessons about how fewer children would lead to fewer problems…there are drawings of a large family and they’re in the slums, and then a picture of a small family with two kids and they’re all eating properly at the table. And you can imagine the impact of that on me, for example. I grew up in a large family, and you can imagine the impact of that [kind of education] on a kid — being told that his or her parents are not in the position to give him the best in life because the parents decided to have many children.”
  • “[The Bill] violates fundamental freedoms — freedom of religion and freedom of speech.”
  • “Under this law, the powers of the state is channeled towards the promotion of contraception — which causes medical and social harm — instead of to the promotion of the common good.”

Dr. and Atty. Montes then opened the floor to the attendees, during which FF President Red Tani and FF RH Committee Head Kenneth Keng voiced a few concerns.

End of Part 2. Click here for Part 3. Up next: video footage of the event.

Update: Below is our video recording of the anti RH Conference at Megamall (Part 2 of 3).

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