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Who trusts the Military and Police?

If there is going to be any greasing, it is the wheels of justice ;).

The answer of Gibo in the Dec 2 debate left many wondering if he was skirting the question. His answer is actually draws from conclusions based an understanding of political science.

The police and the army suffer a negative reputation because of their association with corruption. Finding that the solution comes from our armed countrymen is an aberrant idea given the general Philippine mindset.

There is a system of political patronage that is going on with the army and police that is pretty easy to follow. The powerful politicians, warlords, and generals have the loyalties of the army and police through the control of resources that should be going to them and their families. This denies them the means to have a quality of life appropriate to their work, needs and risks.

One breaks the patronage system by making the army and police independent of their political patrons and dependent on a new status quo. They are also victims of circumstance. One doesn’t have to be destitute to be a victim, just have too much to lose.

The difference the police and army make is that they have means to enforce many of the laws already in place that can prevent and correct corruption. The police and the army are the key to better social equity. The assumption that they are beyond salvation is a gross and unfair generalization. If the army and the police were equipped and well compensated then it is to their self interest to perpetuate this such a system.

Where will someone get the money to raise, equip and improve the quality of life of our armed forces?
Get from the most abused sources of funds (e.i. Education, Pork Barrel, Public Works). Imagine the billions lost, going instead in to housing, benefits, equipment, and compensation to police and the army.

It is harder to try to cheat someone who has a gun. Its harder when the guy with a gun also has a lab, armed buddies with him, and likes his job.

The domino effect is that they will protect the journalists, civilian watchdogs, the judges, and persecutors who will bring justice. They remove the fear of reprisal and allow for swifter implementation of laws and action.

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