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Philippine Politics and the Church

I once read a quotation somewhere in the Internet that says “If you believe the separation of Church and State, you don’t know anything about religion.” Maybe that’s why Philippine politics and the church go side by side.

Before election, these politicians who are running for public office woo the church for the vote, especially those churches with reputation of a solid vote for supporters. We have a church here that when their supreme pontiff chose someone to support, the whole congregation will vote for that person. Now, that is an advantage for voting numbers.

The Roman Catholic Church includes in their mass special an anouncement on voting awareness. Sometimes the Catholic Church shows it favors a certain politician who supports their issues (example: on birth control).

Who will not forget Bro. Eddie Villanueva’s attempt to run in public office in the last Presidential election (and yes folks…he’s running again in the coming 2010 election) or Eli Soriano’s bid for senatorial slate (that went down the drain when COMELEC announced that he was a nuisance candidate).

In the case of the running priest, Fr. Robert Reyes, all I can say is there is nothing wrong in engaging in public rallies about the government, it’s every Filipino’s right…but wearing a priest outfit on rallies? What is he trying to prove?

Also, why carry a statue of the Virgin Mary, rosaries and the Bible and say that it’s just a public prayer rally…uh a public prayer rally with people shouting “Down with the Government”? Hmmmmm…I thought people in prayers shout “halleluiahs”? Have you forgotten the very words of your founder when he said, “Give Caesar what is unto Caesar”?

But whom can blame these men of God who are entering Philippine politics. St. Ignatius Loyola once said, “Whenever one’s business is not worth minding, one often minds other people’s business.” Maybe priests and pastors are getting more exited in politics these days because matters inside the church are getting weary, repetitious, monotonous and utterly boring.

The American president Ulysses S. Grant has a good parting word that every Filipino should think. “Leave the matter of religion to the family altar, the church and the private schools, supported entirely by private contributions. Keep the church and the state forever separated.”

Filipinos, maybe it’s a good time to start thinking.
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