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An atheist learns from a dog

an-atheist-learns-from-a-dogWhile walking to the market I saw this dog drowning in a deep ditch. Do not get me wrong, I am a dog lover, but on that moment I did not even try to save this poor mutt. I was afraid that by saving the dog, it might bite me and I am also afraid that I may lose track of time and be late in the market.

To cut the story short, I never save the dog. So now it bothers me. Because of these fears, I never even made an effort to save it.

I now am wondering, is it the same feeling about religious lies? There are things that were embedded in our minds about religious truth. In my case since I was once a Christian, there is the fear of Judgment Day and the Wrath of God. Church elders have tried to discourage free thought, telling me that that thoughts came from Satan. Surely, you do not want to spend in hell being broiled forever, do you? So naturally, you will dismiss reasoning against faith. Like what happened to the dog, truth is left out sinking in some dark mud of lies and superstition, and if you do not do anything about it…well expects that this truth will someday stay stuck in the mud of ignorance and deceit.

Sad to say today there are Filipinos out there that feels apathy towards organized religion. “Well you can always give that Church a blind eye or a deaf ear,” that’s their reason.

If I ignore the typical sham a believer tells the Internet, did I accomplish anything? What is the reason being an atheist anyway if I will just sit around the house, play video games and have some chat with some chick in the Yahoo or MIRC chat room? Just imagine if people always turn their blind side, what will happen to history? If Paul Reeves never rode a horse and shouted “The British are coming! The British are coming!” what happened to the United State of America? What will happen if Lapu-Lapu never faced the invaders of Mactan? And what happened if Dr. Jose Rizal never wrote the Noli and the Fili? To some, those are just trivial things, but they have change the course of history.

Telling people the deceit organized religion may not mean a thing to any, but it matters to me. They have been screwing me since birth. It’s pay back time!

So I write this article dedicated to that dog that I never saved. Alas on its doom, it has opened another chapter in my life. Its death has served a lesson for me, which not to stop informing the public about the deception of organized religion, so others may not sink in the same fortune as what fate has done to this dog.
Photo from ma1974 / CC BY 2.0

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